Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Israeli Troops, Jewish Settlers Clash - Yahoo! News

Submitted to the Radical Women of Color Carnival :

The most exposed racist quote I've seen in a while was in this article:
"Two right-wing Jewish members of parliament were among those wounded in the clashes. Effie Eitam, a legislator from the National Union Party, stood among the protesters with blood streaming from his forehead.
'They are treating people here like Arabs,' said legislator Arieh Eldad in a telephone interview from the scene with Israel Radio. Eldad said he suffered a broken arm

Wait. So you acknowledge that violence against resisting people who consider the land they're on to be their rightful homeland is wrong? Good for you.

Darn skippy they're treating you like you treat Arabs. Not so good on the receiving side? THEN CHANGE THE WAY YOU TREAT ARABS. The golden rule ain't just an economic principle.

sorry bout my bitterness, I just couldn't believe he out and out basically said, "we treat people like dirt but we don't deserve to be treated that way". Ijits.

hoping for peace


  1. Gawd. That was blatant.
    Yes, I had an American friend who used to try to step in during street clashes, and she remembered how the guys would curl up their lip and say, "They're rats."

  2. the truth is coming out about the Israeli prejudice. some people in the US, the world, and even Israel itself are coming out against it. There is hope inshaAllah. InshaAllah.