Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back to life, back to reality...

peace, y'all

Okay. I feel better. And plus I'm in blog withdrawal.

Couple things have happened: I went in Friday for my Entrance Interview and fingerprint papers for the New Job. Thursday the site directress at Bell informed me that she wasn't able to schedule the kids' presentations (Black History Month and all) for this coming Thursday, which is my last day.

So I will miss their presentations.


I know that isn't as big a deal, as, say, the recent mudslides in the Philippines. There are bigger things than this going on. To keep my own internal reality-ometer on keel.

But I'm sayin', those 4th graders have worked HARD to get over their own teachers' perceptions of them, their own language issues and barriers. They have had to get over themselves and their attitudes and "the 'c' word (can't) and the 's' word (stupid) and the 'n' word (y'all know that one)." They worked to suspend their own disbelief in themselves and they're going to present something that they worked hard for. They believe in me to start them off and I won't be there. I'm MAD, man.

But okay, I'm gonna take the New Job, which I don't see as too likely to give in and just let me take my second day off to see some kids present. So boo.

Good stuff is happening too: Sherry (yup, from over to the left in the blogline) is in town! She came in LATE Thursday night, and we spent all of Fri. together after my NewJob stuff. We played slumber party in the hotel late; talking about what we'd do if we had $350 million to play with; her family and job making her nuts; famous movie stars; how old Sherry is since she is now a whole twennyfahve; (and I'm not b/c I have yet to reach such lofty heights, lol); the requisite "if you had a perfect man-making machine" question and the absolute "there-is-no-such-creature and if I could choose I wouldn't" answer... stuff like that. I'm glad she came but sad I only got to spend that time with her since I've been under-the-weather literally as well as figuratively and not willing to do the hump from where I live into the City. She's staying in a nice place over in Dupont, actually. I kvetched about walking up that dangone hill in my one pair of boots, but I did enjoy passign the time with her.

Sherry! You need to move your butt to DC!

I have some questions.

I want to learn how to recite the qur'an. I love to sing and have always considered doing so as a service to God and a way to use that talent to His Glory. How do Ido that?

Anyone want to teach me some surahs and nasheeds by heart? I'm serious! I think it was IzzyMo who was remarking on the dearth of beautiful voices in Islam. As a Black convert who came up in the gospel-music tradition (and loved it), I'm with her- that has a missing place. But first I think I need to get some surahs down. And just now, I'm broke. Suggestions?

GOtta go... one more thing- congrats to all the winners and mentions over at Brass Crescent. I was one of the 165! I think what you're doing is worthy and worthwhile.


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  1. One idea: get a bunch of CDs of Quranic recitation. That's how I learned tajweed. We don't have the burn-cds capacity these days (no working desktop) but i'm sure someone here in the blogosphere does. i can help put the word out, if thats something that helps. Or if you have a personal computer at home, the entire Quran is easy to get as MP3s for free.

    The way I learned was listen, listen, listen, constantly. You already have a strong knack for languages. I have a little, so I picked it up really quick.

    Same with nasheeds worked for me.

    Of course if someone out there wants to give you an IPOD, wouldnt that be nice!