Thursday, February 16, 2006

Haterade is bad for you


I want to know this: why is my religion being equated with violence in the West?

Because the real answer I keep coming up with is that it is practiced by a large group of 3rd world, non-white people.

Yes, I'm sure many people will give me reasoning all the way back to before the hijra about how Islam was spread by the sword. About Turkey. About Danish cartoons.

But I think that alllllll of the reasons you give me can come back to what I said: mainly practiced by 3rd world, non-white people.

Maybe I've just been drinking too much haterade. The prejudice is getting to me.

I believe in choices, but my GOODNESS, yaLateef, porque fue que yo tenia que escoger la ruta mas dificil? Aun sea que es la Tuya, la mas perfecta? ** WHYYYY?!

I need some dua to get rid of the haterade in my system. TTYL.


** (ticked-off Spanish):Oh God All-Seeing, why was it that I HAD to choose the most difficult Path? Even though it IS Yours and the most perfect?


  1. Salaam,
    Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with you that it's because "it is practiced by a large group of 3rd world, non-white people."

  2. It also happens to be the religion on the rise - especially in the West, specially among women.

    Ironical, and fun to watch how Allah's plan is working.