Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I know I'm not alone...

peace y'all

... in wanting to file my Federal taxes for free online. Right? Just some linky-loo for ya while trying to pull myself back to normal. Cartoon debacle sinkage will do that.

On that same note, though, does anyone know where I can file my kinda complicated state taxes online for free as well? All the places at the IRS site are tryna charge $25 bucks for a straight shot at the state forms. I don't even want to think what'll happen when I tell them I've worked and/or lived in four separate US jurisdictions in 2005. And all that for (way, way) less than $25K. Why did I do this again?

Oh, yeah, the teaching love.


I still want to be a midwife.

I just have to figure out how.

I wrote the whole sell-out post b/c I was really in funk about this: How on earth do I get to be a midwife without huge huge crazy debt??

Does anyone know of a midwife who can apprentice me? I'll work for room and board and an education. I'm serious. My whole problem for the past 3 years has been keeping myself healthy and alive and off the streets while dealing with various shades of bovine scatulation (look it up) in an effort to become certified as a teacher. So that then I can save up some cash and cash in on all those benefits that you see out there for being a teacher, like having your loans forgiven for working in really poor schools. For the record, ALL of the schools I've ever worked in have qualified for that program, but I never have, b/c my degree isn't in education, it's just what I live and breathe to do.

I digress.

All my readers, sisterfriends, people who just happened to stop by- keep this on your mind. ANything about midwifery that passes your radar, I want to know about, b/c you never know when an opportunity will come through you, insha'Allah.

ok, I'm done.


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