Friday, February 10, 2006

And the Imam's Wife?

The Renegade Rebbetzin fascinates me. Reading her is both fun and reminiscent of a time when I was younger, and more open, and wanted to Know Everything.

I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood with a Jewish best friend, so I actually got interested in orthodox judaism before I chose Islam, did some reading about it, etc.

One of the coolest books I ever read was 'how to run an orthodox jewish household' or something similar, b/c it EXPLAINED all the stuff I'd seen over the years.

Therefore, RenReb does still fascinate me, b/c she's a modern twist on all that. For the record, Rebbetzin is what the wife of the Rabbi is called in an orthodox community.

So. I'm amused and bemused now by reading all the hilarious stuff on RenReb's site and thinking... where is the stuff like that on Islamic Living?
Where's the Imam's Wife (and how come I don't know if that particular status/position has a title?) to amuse me while telling me how to lay out the dates and milk before maghrib during Ramadhan?

I don't know any imam's wives too well, ya see. Most of the ones I know are either much older or moved away as soon as they got married, thereby taking with them the opportunties to talk about householdy stuff.

UmmIbrahim, feel free to let me know your take, since you're the Imam's Daughter, that counts.

I mean, don't get me wrong, my Islam is that of the spirit. But sometimes, and reading RenReb, I feel that hankering to learn something by living it, and including it into my life.

Is this making any sense?

Where's the Imam's wife?

This isn't the same, by the way, as being a preacher's wife in a lot of senses. I don't think. From the preachers' wives I knew when I was growing up.

It IS the same in that the wife of the spiritual leader is expected to be an example to all the women in the community- even when she's another woman too, who just happened to marry a dude with a hankering to be close to God and know Him by leading the people at the church. That can get kinda wearing, and make one woman self-conscious, etc. I want to acknowledge that, while at the same time, distinguishing that from what I mean.
Christianity as commonly lived in the US is pretty secular. So I guess, in my head, the little rituals of life and religious customs, besides prayer, arent' there to be established for a preacher's wife. That's all I'm saying.

Maybe because under some POV in Islam, any man with enough learning can lead the community? Is the Cleric's Wife a westernized thing?

I'm having way too much fun thinking about this. Just shows how down and blue and bored I've been today, I think.


Imam's wives, holla atcha girl!



  1. Well, that's innerestin'.
    I think all Muslims are required to keep house according to a set of guidelines, mostly found in the hadith and shari'a. It's not just the Imam's wife, but all of us who are responsible to learn that stuff.

  2. Salam TwennyTwo, sorry i didn't notice this post until now. I think the issue is that Imam's wives are older women and immigrant women who don't know a thing about the internet, let alone english. also, they probably have 10 kids and a community to take care of so not much 'blog' time if you know what i mean :) Maybe in the future, who knows.

  3. Assalaamu alaikum.

    I am married to an imam alhamdulillah :)

    I am not an immigrant, I do know about the internet, and yes, I speak English. I do not have 10 kids, but maybe one day inshaAllah...

    But yes, I do have a community to take care of.


    Good post. I know what you mean... :)