Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad things HAVE to happen


Yeah, so yesterday I wrote this ENTIRE post about how I'm going to be grateful again, b/c I've been pretty low for most of february up to this point.

Word to everyone: don't go see 'Something New'. First off, they make a buncha cracks about Farrakhanist Muslims in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Yeah. Not cute.
But also b/c the movie was shallow at some points. And to be honest with myself, I just didn't like it.

Nada, I wanted to share the following with you. I wrote it when wondering why I was feeling so bad, and why so many bad things have to happen.

"...and in that moment i was blessed to realize that bad things happen because they're my everyday prophets. i hate to have one in front of me, i hate to see others going through them, and i don't like that they're there, these bad bad low low points. and yet they open the door to the best thing i've seen yet, they tell me how sweet the future is going to be, and that it has been around the corner the whole time. think about it: you have to train, to win. betrayal comes before that one true, trustworthy, amazing love. a child is burned first, so then truly respects fire. i mean, ask your mother, even hard labor comes before the glory of witnessing new life. the realization was the most painful and at the same time the most valuable piece of inspiration i will ever have.


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  1. Salaam, that's sweet, 'my everyday prophets.'