Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Give men their due credit and respect!

What Does 'Boys Will Be Boys' Really Mean?

Peace to all.

I read this day'fo'yesterdy and then popped over to Shabana's entry for the day on the violence of female bodies.

Know what? As trite as it sounds, as pat and perfect the statement is, it's true: I am Muslim because I don't want any of this. I don't want the violence of exposure to such perfection and self-hatred. I want a husband and sons and community brothers who outright reject the impression that they don't know better than to lap this up.

As much as love to opine otherwise, especially as American women, men are Not dogs. Tis time to give them credit.

And men: do as the boy in the story: "I'm a better person than that" should be what rolls through your mind when a scantily clad (insert sexy-hollywood-femme-of-the-day here) rolls across your screen and strolls across the magazine page. Because Dr. Mir and Ms. Roffman are right: the exposure is only there because MEN BUY IT and want it and reinforce it, just like so many other supposedly benign and truly harmful phenomena that surround us.


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