Sunday, March 07, 2004



Damn, makes me reminisce for the good ole days in the Gut dungeon with the VMS(S)K crew, cokes, wings, and cheesy bread. Les extrano tanto...Happy late birthday to V, by the way...a whole quarter centr'y, but you only look 16 (lol)! Love ya!

Self Challenge Update:
Tis official. The weekends are wrecking me.

Thursday and Friday, I was good: when I got home, I went to get my mail (the office is like a 10 min walk away), and then extended the walk to the half-hour cardio exercise like a good girl. So I actually did hit my exercise goals for the week. I even did my ab work out on my roof extension/terrace/porch/thingy. THAT is a superior way to do situps; the beautiful blue sky egging me on and drawing out stress at the same time.

Yesterday, I started out well when my sister Toto called me at 7AM.

**this was 6 am in her own time zone. Let it be known that she is NEVER up this early on weekends except when I haven't slept the whole week and she wants to call me, the little witch. Good thing she is my heart or she'd be in for it :o) **

Since I was already awake after that, I decided to be virtuous and walk to the Amigo grocery store, a 3 and a half mile trek. On the way, I saw this gorgeous 1964 IMPALA in Mint Condition. I was floored. It was incredible. I wasn't so pleased, however, when it's owner decided that since I liked the car, I must want to flirt with him (the guy was old enough to have bought the car when it was brand new, hello). That was interesting to say the least. I went, did my shopping, and got back to my house by 11AM. I settled down to chores and whatnot, thinking that today was gonna be an awesome Challenge day...

...however, then my Muslim girlfriend Abira (seriously, her family is the only other muslim family I know here) called to invite me to the mall and movies (You Got Served: loved it for the dancin', plot coulda been worse). I took her up on it, since I haven't seen her or her kids in like a month. What she didn't say was that we were going to eat at Pizza Hut. Dammit!

And then, this morning's breakfast was cookies and water. Ohhhh yeah, strong diet food... like I said, the weekends are wrecking me. I think I need to build a routine. I was like that in school, too; I was one of those women who was in every group on campus at one point, because the one semester where I din't do nothin' just to please my parents, I got my lowest gpa ever (a 2.3 if you have to know). Scheduling things tightly keeps me on track. Having free time just futz's me up. Oh well. I can only move forward. Tomorrow starts Challenge Week Two. I can do this!