Saturday, October 01, 2005

To Balance Bitter, Sweet

peace, y'all

I was really feeling bitter, confused, and sad not even an hour ago.

Then, I read a response to an email I sent to portareeco.

Turns out, my dear friends Isa and Pedro are expecting a baby! Not only that, but other friends, Angela and Daniel, are very close to the arrival of a healthy girl, insha'Allah.

I was at both of the weddings and am sooooo HAPPY For them. I couldn't be happier if I were the one with such good news. Masha'Allah!

I'm also praying for Pedro's sister, Jamie. She's been in the hospital for a week. They just removed her from ICU. Jamie is a dedicated biology and agric/veterinary student. She was attacked by one of the animals at the UPR farm. She is one of the sweetest people I know, dedicated and direct. God send her a speedy and complete recovery from heaven, amin.

Funny how I was feeling all sorry for myself, and now I feel great, masha'Allah. I guess I was sent the sweet at the height of the bitterness.


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