Friday, September 30, 2005

Dead in Escape from Africa

Peace y'all
This Yahoo Article saddened me when I logged on this morning.

"But what saddens me more is the final quote from the El Pais newspaper:
Spain's leading daily El Pais said in an editorial Friday that long-term solutions must be sought to address the economic disparities between Europeans and Africans, which are propelling waves of immigrants in often deadly attempts to cross the continental borders at the two enclaves.

"There is an immediate problem which has claimed eight mortal victims in a month and which demands urgent solutions," it said.

"But there is a more serious problem which can only be resolved over the long term which is the economic inequality between the African and European continents which turns the two Spanish cities in northern Africa into siphons for immigration,"the paper added." (emphasis mine.)

If you have even ONE country that acknowledges that the fault lies in the difference in life between Europe and Africa, and if you have ANYONE who knows that the way to fix that is to create equality (or at least much better standing) in the economy and in the civil institutions of the countries these people are coming from, WHAT ON EARTH IS STOPPING US? People are KILLING THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY WANT TO LIVE BETTER! That says that the lives they already have are detestable. And that's scary, because a man with nothing to lose is everyone's worst enemy. He'll give or take anything to get half a chance at what he wants.

Astaghfirullah. It really drives me nuts. I'd say that I'm ashamed to be an American, except that way far back, it was the fault of America that even I am here. This makes it my responsibility as a citizen descended from some horrific American policy to make sure that my country and others change their ways.

Wow. I'm really upset. really upset. I need to go take a minute.

pray for us all

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