Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Volunteering for Red Cross?

Hey, y'all... peace.

Decisions, decisions. I'm having to deal with a lot of those. Right now, since my life is kinda up in the air, I'm 'liberated', as a friend pointed out last night, in that I have no responsibilities to anyone but myself (and that includes bills under MY financial stuff. Ahem. I digress as usual), no kids, husband, parents are self-sufficient, etc.

In the wake of what's happened in the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama areas, I'd really love to be able to go down as a volunteer, maybe a medical tech or EMT. Yes, my EMT license has expired, but I still have the skills- anyone who came through Wanda's class at GW will have skills for YEARS. If, as a volunteer, I'd get food and shelter and a way back to family after the urgency of matters is gone- heck, I'd love to do it.

Of course, my family is discouraging me. Nothing new. My mother pointed out that the conditions would be primitive, like when I first lived in PR. I pointed out in response that half my issue in PR in guayama was the fact that I didn't have anything to DO for half of my day- I felt stuck. One of the things I've figured out is that I have to feel valued, and essential, in whatver I do- and my work hast to be giving to others. If I can do that and still support myself, then I'm happy.

Mama also asked me to think back to when I was last happy with my work, etc, because she said I haven't sounded truly happy in a while... d'you know, the first LONG period of time I thought of was the year 2002? No joke. I need to sit and count my blessings a minute. And quit grouching. Or put myself in a spot like where I was in '02. My job was at the MSSC, giving out money- fulfilling the 'giving back' and 'essential' qualifications, and I was also pretty well paid. I didn't have to worry about housing or food or health insurance or transportation, and I could go enjoy myself if I wanted. I was also happy because that year I had the most amazing teachers. And spiritually, I was learning so much and discovering faith with eyes wide open in amazement. So my soul was at peace.

Now, maybe, that has something to do with being on a college campus, since it was the combination of those things that I found ideal. Quizas. Pero- what I really miss is my interaction in the community, seeing all the people who live around me and serving them. So I want to go volunteer- if not Katrina-area relief, maybe somewhere else. I know there are obstacles to that, but. Too bad. I'll keep y'all posted and see if I have to eat those words.

On other notes...
Last night I met up with an old friend, and we went (in a hot, bad-ass blue bmw)to..... the Krispy Kreme store! You know, the kind where they show the pastry from proofing to frying to icing. I love those places. (I had yummy hot fresh original glazed.) We just talked about stuff for 'round two hours. I really had a good time, and got home all refreshed and relaxed (and maybe hot and bothered, but I shall be virtuous and repress the nafs). My friend is doing well, at a great job but considering changing; we hadn't seen each other since graduation, so it was so good to just see each other and hug... and then talk for hours. I'm glad I'm back in the area, and I'm making a point from now on to see my friends, especially this one, more often. It was a relief, y'know?

I'm off jobhunting. Love and peace y'all.


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