Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Seven days

Seven Day Shukr Challenge

For those who don't know, shukr means 'thanks' or 'thankfulness' in Arabic. (This based on the little Arabic I learned from Doktr Taj in 101 back in college- and the fact that 'thank you' is "Shukran!")

SO. Since I whined and complained earlier about getting advice that didn't help me... and since I knew I was lucky to be getting it... I am in the challenge. UmmAli over at aheavytruth dot blogspot, started it, so alhamdulillah for that initiative.

Yes, I am not going to complain about ANYTHING in my life for seven whole days. In my head or verbally.

In my own little version of this... I'm going to focus on humility in my thankfulness. Meaning I'm just going to play the role of a witness to the greatness of God that has touched my life, and not act like I'm in the starring role of receiving blessings, something that comes a little too naturally for me lately.

Care to join us in the challenge?


ps Aleksa, thanks for the tips...

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