Tuesday, September 20, 2005

In honor of working today

AlHamdulIllah~ I worked a full day today!

The job isn't full time but it pays well. I got a temp to perm position teaching English to adults. I LOVE the class I'm working with- only 2 students, but with such awesome dispositions. They like working and want to learn. What a joy!

I just found out that I won't be working tomorrow, but the ladies had asked me to bring them some riddles. In honor of their request, I'll post one heck of a tongue twister that I found on an English forum here:

The pheasant-plucker

I'm not a pheasant plucker, I'm a pheasant plucker's child;

I sit here plucking pheasants, though it drives the pheasants wild:

I pluck and chuck the feathers from the pheasants in a pile;

the pheasants, plucked, are chucked out in true pheasant-pluckers' style.

Oh a pukka pheasant plucker is a pleasing thing to see;

a pleasant peasant pheasant plucker I am proud to be.

The pheasants, plucked and chucked, are tucked up in a tidy heap;

the pheasants' feathers, plucked and chucked, are sucked up four feet deep;

the plucking job ain't easy, it's an awful plucking task -

still, I get a plucking bonus, what more could any plucker ask?

A pukka pheasant plucker is a plucky peasant chap

a pleasant peasant pheasant plucker fills a needed gap

To find a pleasant peasant who plucks pheasants on the side

just advertise for peasant pheasant pluckers far and wide

Pukks plucky peasant pheasant-plucking people we;

plucking pheasants present in out pleasant company

pheasants plucked professionally by our pleasant peasant crew;

our pukka plucky pheasant-plucking folk will pluck for you

Oh a pukka pheasant plucker is a pleasing thing to see;

a pleasant peasant pheasant plucker I am proud to be.

Have fun with that.

Sha'ban is waning... Ramadan is almost here. For those few of you who read me and are Muslim... how do you get ready?
I have, really no firm customs except to read Qur'an and find out where the masajid in the area are, since I've spent every Ramadan for the past three years in a different place. This year, though, I want to do a bit more... Any ideas?


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  1. Well I'm not Muslim & I'll be God damned if I ever saw any of my Muslim relatives in Bosnia observe Ramadan, BUT I have fasted for extended periods of time ( you know, part of that whole bitchy white woman sex and the city mystique you claimed I had goin' on over at my blog :P he he he) and just make sure you don't binge eat in the upcoming days. Do not have a huge meal the night before- you have to ease into these things. Smoothies, soups, juices, raw foods. It will be easier for you not to eat all day if you do that. The first three days suck. Day four feels like you're an addict coming of crack. Then by day 5, you start feeling really good...