Friday, September 16, 2005

Oreo Issues

My aunt, at one time, had four whole packs of Oreo cookies in her house.

Four. Whole. Packs. of Oreos.

I love Oreos, but hadn't had them in quantity in a while since in PR they go stale like as soon as you open the bag. Eat three, and then the rest go all soft and mushy in an hour. I kid you not. They were so expensive on top of that that I never bought them again after the second pack that was ruined. (I know. Slow learning there.)

So now, I'm at my aunt's house. The woman has specifically forbidden me to ask her before I eat anything, the rule that I was brought up with in part to keep anything in the house- like whole packs of delishiousss chocolate cream coooookieeees- from disappearing under the weight of ginormous sweet teeth.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

That's ok. Ramadan is coming. Ramadan is coming. I can surpress my nafs! I can do it!


  1. The oreos with the double stuff peanut butter filling are to die for. I once ate a whole bag in two days. I don't buy them anymore, but I dream about them sometimes.
    Awww, Ramadan, poor baby. I try to avoid my Muslim friends during this time because hunger makes people mean...

  2. Naw, Ramadan coming is actually a GOOD thing! I crack down on myself and get all strong and self-disciplined.

    Hunger after a certain point doesn't make me angry. I get all quiet and contemplative. And I get into the self denial, which can be a bad thing.I digress.

    PB and oreos? Ohhhh no. I'm bad enough with the regular ones.