Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lookin' Forward

peace y'all

I just made one of those hard decisions I was talking about the other day, and then I slept on it, and I still feel good about it, so I'm going to do it.

Yay! No advice nor wish-washyness involved.

In related advances, I now have two jobs. Unfortunately both are part-time, but whatever. I just need enough to kick rent to my aunt every once in a while. I'm going to be so broke when I reach NYC it won't matter anyway. School dorms. Old sweaters. Weight loss (little food). That's ok. The goal is in sight...

I'm glad, now, that I applied to BELL program. It's a much better fit than the Kaplan program- even though they reach the same type of population, they're still very different.
Kaplan teaches at urban catholic schools, and they teach a lot of kids, at the same time. It's more professional and less focused on the effects of culture on the kids.
BELL teaches in urban public schools, but the program is focused for minority and underprivileged urban kids. The teachers are a mixed group (I do mean mixed- black, white, latino, asian, poor, rich, students and professionals) and take into account the effects of environment on the scholars. Which is another thing- they focus a lot on attitude, and working with students with your own attitude.

I just like BELL better. Insha'Allah, I can work out my transportation issues so that I'll get an Outstanding evaluation at the end of the year... then maybe I'll work with the program in NYC, where it has grown.

You right, I'm always looking for the chance, for the future.



  1. Your talking about the Bell and Kaplan programs like that's all you've been blogging about. This is the first that I've read about them.

    I feel like Im missing pieces to your blog, Do you have a secret blog like Aleksa?!?

    Damn You Secretive Fire and Water Signs!


    Now that I am finished working out my neurosis, Good Luck Lady!
    Write more often if you can :)

  2. True! too true. you gifted girl. Give us more.