Tuesday, October 04, 2005

From the Shore

From the Shore, Umm Mahtab's blog, has a good list of goals up for the month. Thank you, if you happen to see this!

Anyhow... goals for me

1) Learn more duas. I'm actually TIRED of just doing the same two over and over. SO I have an entire month to get some down, from transliterate paper if not from a real live actual human being. which brings me to...

2) Go to the masjid (a masjid) at least 10 times within the month. This is because I want the baraka of praying in unison... but also because it's just plain uplifting. Masha'Allah.

3) Find a way to dress more islamically for the winter. I have few clothes here, and I feel like I have to sneak on my hijab because of the way my aunt looks at me when I wear it. I gotta go find my courage, I musta left it on PR. Gotta get a coat, and maybe even abaya.

4)Write letters to friends- at least 2 a day during the month. I'm in a position where I already know I won't be able to give gifts during the month or at Eid (and y'all thought y'all knew 'bout broke), so I want to just give old-fashioned communication. I need to hand-write letters. In this day and age, they are a way to show you care.

5) Get clear on status with Nishat. Self-explanatory. If marriage is half the deen, what better time to get serious about it than Ramadan?

6) Have an organized living space. I find myself avoiding prayers in my room cuz it's crowded. Insha'Allah I'll take a bunch of lunchtimes and just get it done.

7) WALK on the weekends instead of sleeping between Dhuhr and Asr. My health is too important, but more, I could spend that time constructively with my cousins.

INSHA'ALLAH all of this I'll get done.



  1. Salam Alaykum & Ramadan Mubarak!!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, sister. I shall catch up on your posts and add your blog to my list of daily reading, Inshallah. And yes, i am Hispana too!

    Speaking of dressing Islamically for winter, here in Canada i almost always wear my winter scarf kind of like a niqab, to prevent my nose from falling off in the -40 C weather and all. It's fun :D

    May you achieve all your Ramadan goals, Inshallah. :)