Sunday, May 01, 2005


Happy May.

I got like 2 minutes.

1) If there are any Muslims out there in NYC who would take pity on poor converted me and let me live with them while I'm studying for a graduate degree (in the interest of saving said students from the evil that is post-grad-school loan RIBA) PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!

2) If we need education to get some money and therefore get ahead, then why does it cost so much?

3) Why do people not realize that some of the highest paid workers in the nation have no higher ed degrees at all? Why do I want to be a midwife? Ah, me.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

It's been a long weekend. I'm back to school tomorrow, yay.


  1. Twenny,

    Damn right. Education should be subsidized. And salaries are often nmot related to the number of degrees you have.

    C'est La vie.


  2. Yo, I'm seriously thinking of writing a letter on the subject. Especially since all the good public health schools happen to either be private or supa-dupa exclusive. What is this!!?

    Actually the students at the state (island) university here just ended a 24-day strike. The topic? Refusal of the price hike of $80 per credit.

    Ah, me.