Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Check this out

Yo, can I work here? This placesounds AWESOME! Wow, now I really really want that job up in Norway, just a hop skip and jump from Finland. I know. I'm being bad. But still.

Rae @ Home
Check this out, it's similar to my viewpoints. Aint that something.

things not worth talking about, and those even less important I like this one too.

I think this whole 'nextBlog' feature is great... but I keep finding good blogs! Whassa girl to do?

T?de Noite

Oh. Um, this is in portuguese. Nao leja se voce nao lea o portugues.

Y'know, I was just over on my friendster page when I realized a couple of things:

1) Friendster wastes a helluva lotta time

2) Got-damn them mens from hiskool is still FINE as frog hair! *sigh*. Must stay on the path. Must stay on the path.

Besides, fantasies are better than reality.

3) I miss music like I used to live it, intensely and in all its variety ('cept country). The other day I just busted out singing Lauryn Hill's 'Zion' and Mike from PB looked at me eyes all wide and was like, "you betta keep singin', girl!" Made me feel better but also made me realize what I gave up when I didn't go to Berklee.

Ah well. Life goes forward in one speed only. I think I'll go stereo shopping this month...


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