Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So. Tried to get a loan on my OWN MONEY which has been stored away in the Teacher's Retirement Fund by the government, gaining lots'n'lotsa interest.

Found out that since I'm a transitory teacher, YESTERDAY was the last day to apply for a loan... until they pay me again... which will probably be in November. Which is why I'm looking for another job. The Dept. of Ed. Suqs a mean lollipop.
President Bush... I hear you on NCLB... But What About The Broke Teachers??!?!?!?!!

aaight, I'm being kicked offa here.

OH. Newsweek. To be burned at stake. You heard it here. There is absolutely NO excuse for publishing an unfounded story about the Qur'an. NONE. May God give every person involved EXACTLY what they deserve. It's contributed to an escalation which isn't over yet...

peace to all...

Oh. Irish-Rican BusStop Cutie: Mark has my number(I swear he really does). Holla at'cha girl!


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