Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy 'Educator's Day!'

Feliz Dia De Maestros!

Felicitame, soy maestra! Y en este paiz, donde no nos paga pero nada de nada, y tengo que soportar los mismos consentidos que sus padres les mande a escuela por falta de soportarlos,y tengo que soportar el maltrato del mismo gobierno que me emplee, pues, lo merezco! Y ya no me da verguenza en decirtelo, porque si no lo digo nadie lo sepa. Gracias.

I got up ready to spend the day on myself... and I have, but I've also spent it in front of a computer screen. Bad, huh? I'll get into why in a sec.

By the way, before I do anything else, I'm so enjoying reading and re-reading UmmZakiya's blog (this is a link, y'all) this week, masha'Allah. Even though it's supposed to be something about parenting, I find a lot of what she says applies to me as a young, solo Muslima. Like the whole debate on starting a family early... and whether or not to go to undergrad...( I fought with my father about undergrad...wait, I'm still fighting with him about it. Why? B/c my stated goal on entering GWU was getting my bachelor's, finding a nice God-loving man, marrying said man, and having 5 kids. He was terrified. Then, he wanted me to take a great-paying (read: boring and unfulfilling) job, while I hared of to portareeco to be a teacher and then to NYC to go to an even more expensive grad school on the way to being a midwife so that me and the aforementioned great guy can sire those 5 kids and i can still be profitably and knowledgeably employed. Geesh. Why are my parenthesis getting so long?).. and philosophy-turned-practice on not hitting and watching your words and what you say insha'Allah. Great site. Check it out.

Now that I'm sure I've scared every eligible ( and probably non-worthy if scared) man within 50 miles of this blog, saludos a David, thanks for your comments, I'm absolutely mortified to find that Mark is your mate. Great. See, this is why I didn't want to do a blog and put myself out there.

Now that I have, put in a good word for a sistah, please. Thanks, luv. Good luck with the writing, I hope to read more in the future.

Ok, so what have I been doing all day? Hovering between agonizing and hope. Yup, lots of prayer in there too.

I'll get back to yall on this... I've been at the screen a while.


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