Sunday, May 15, 2005

Los Renuentes

Ok, es asi.

Estoy pela'. Estoy sola (y sintiendolo... lo que es fuera de lo normal). Y no tengo nada que hacer, y no he hecho nada en todo el fin de semana...

Vamonos a ver Los Renuentes!

Estan tocando en como 15 minutos en el Centro de Bellas Artes.

Ojala' que la entrada es gratis, eso de estar pela' no es un chiste. (!)

A ver si nos vemos alla.

cuidense muuuuucho.



  1. Okay... how many times are we going to have to go over the fact that my Spanish sucks ass. ain't help nobody... LOL. How you doin love?


  2. yo! tis me, the cute irish-rican guy from la parada, how it's hangin' girl? i hope everything awight! just to let ya know that i DID put on the good word for you wtih mark, yo! hope to sow some results, yes? anyway, give us some luck, i applied for the PR dept. of Education for a teacher's job. believe mey, girl, i'm not in a bloody hurry to start smacking some puny blokes'asses, but i need the income, so wish us luck. take care then, hope to see ya soon, y'all. assalaim allakkum! (is that the way you say it?) love, david caleb