Thursday, May 12, 2005

A murderer dead

Wow, my posts are getting more and more depressing.

But anyway. Such is life.

The other day my father sent me this news story with the headline, "The Death of the Man Who Killed My Sister Melodie".

My Tee Mel was killed back in 1984 when I was a wee one. She was shot, a reason why I don't like guns, and then left to die. She left my three cousins, who really have never been the same. One has seven kids, another has four, and one has none. Both of those with kids named their girls Melodie. She was a big part of their lives even when she was gone.

AlHamdulIllah, her killer will now face God's justice.


Job Search UPDATE: Promising leads at The Seed School, in Washington DC. Thanks to Mika for turning me onto the lead!

I'll catch y'all later.

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  1. hope you get past that one! shite, it bloody hurts!