Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oh, yeah...

Subhan'Allah, I found out today that Emory has accepted me into their MPH programs... to my few but loyal readers, please forgive the following gloat.

*accompanied by foolish elbows-akimbo twirking and booty shaking* "Go Me, Go Me, Go Me...accepted into 2 Top Ten Public Health programs! Go me..."

Ok, thanks, got that outta my system. A sista gotta celebrate somewhere. Hmdllah.

JOB SEARCH UPDATE: PB has me online to work tomorrow and sunday nights! WoooHoo! Just when all the wells had dried up. Who says God don't provide?

Now, to figure out how to get my foot operation done as a waitress. I can do this.

smiles and love, people. Feel good. Feel good. Feel loved.



  1. Salams
    Nice blog, Mashallah.
    Please link mine here if you deem it worthy and of benefit.

  2. salaam allaikum! bloody good entry. see? you are really good at narrating luv! all the same, did i really say "good policy, luv"? just kiddin, lass. take care, keep writing, and hope my book's good, yes?