Friday, April 08, 2005

What a difference a day makes

Mmmmmmmmmm. Today is not the same as day'fo'yesterdy.

After retrieving my acceptance letter from the office where Sapientis has been holding it hostage I don't even know how long, I find that I need to send $500, non-refundable, to CU in order for them to hold my place.

Bout an hour later I found out I actually have to pay taxes (as opposed to getting a refund) for the first time in my life ever ever ever. Boy what a time for that particularly unopportune surprise.

The upshot is that God will allow me to find about $800 before next Friday, or I won't be going to my dream skool.

*SIGH* I'm struggling but ima keep the faith! If it is for me, I will have it! And if it isn't, I'll receive peace about the whole thing. I need to stay in touch with reality on this. I can feel my stress level up. I wish I had some access to summa' dat sexual healing my man Marvin sings about, but then... nah, don't need any other complications in my life. Right? Right? I keep telling myself this. Freedom is good. A good man is hard to find. And a hard man.... right, ahem, I was saying...

On another note-
I have a coupla students who haven't really shown their faces in my classroom since January. One of them yesterday had the nerve, I mean, the bald-faced temerity, to drag his mama up to the school. Why? you ask. Why, so that his mother could beg me to give the child a 'special' project so he could pass into high school.

This is a student who, aside from his non-attendance, has 'tried' to cuss me several times, has threatened me, and, mind you, is taking 8th grade English when he's enrolled in another grade. This child has earned no favors from me, but what really kicked it was that he literally hadn't shown his nose hairs in my classroom in three months! And was sitting there with some heavy attitude.
I told his mama to her face that it wouldn't be ethical for me to help her wayward, hardheaded child again, since the terms of the agreement I actually made with him last semester included his daily attendance this semester. She tried for the sympathy, telling me that she didn't want to have to pay for more than one class this summer, but as far as I'm concerned, if she were that worried she'd have made sure Junior's behind was warming his seat and not sassing me.

I'm still indignant over that mess. I mean, where do people get off? I love teaching if only because it really helps me understand the roots of the social problems around here.

I was gonna watch be cool, but I feel so stressed I think I might go curl up with a good book instead. I haven't had a Fridy off in a while, so I should take advantage. Especially since PB took advantage of me again and gave me Sat and Sun worknights. I shouldn't complain, and I wouldn't if I weren't so impossibly tired.

I've complained a lot lately so I'll be out with a shout to my girls Tamika, Riri, and SharonSmiley and to Toto for enduring more than this over their cell phones. MUCH LOVE LADIES!

tacatin tacato, este cuento se acabo!

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