Friday, April 15, 2005


Is the root of all evil. I'm sure I've written about this before. I just... don't...want... taxes. What's new.

I'm back in touch with Sherry! She left a comment on my page. Hi Sherry! Y'all should check out her journal at
livejournal. Tis cool, very cool. The essence of Sherry.

I'm lucky in that I got out of school early. I'd have gotten out at 11:00 anyhow, because the school system here is so lame and allocation of funds so wacked that there is no substitute teaching system here. So, since three of the seven eighth grade teachers at the school supposedly were sick today (although one showed up an hour late), we did an horario, which means we schedule 40 min classes and take all the kids before 11:00 AM, which leaves us teachers free to get isht done in the afternoon without kids.

I hate to say it but I wish we did horario more often. It gives me time for that pesky paperwork I just loooove so much.

Bad thing about that is that whenever the kids suspect that this might happen, as soon as we arrive in our classroom at 7:25, we get obnoxious questions like, "Missi, cuales maestros vinieron hoy (which teachers came today)?", or ,"Missi, vamos a hacer horario (are we going to do a 'schedule')?", or, the one I hate most- if I'm the last teacher to arrive so that they don't do an horario- "Ay Missi! Por que tenias que llegar hoy!? (Why did YOU have to come today?!)"

Understandable. Still, it's the kinda thing one looks forward to when one arrives after just barely talking oneself out of the bed with the argument that the students need whatever one has planned to teach. Right.

SHOOT! I just remembered I left that frigging Registro at the school! I was gonna finish that mess this weekend! Boo Boo Boo!

Well anyhow, I was sayin' that we woulda left early anyhow, because just as my third class of the day begins, we're jamming to the Janet CD I've popped into the school-owned stereo, the kids are working quietly for once in their lives (thank you, Ms. Jackson), when the lights and the one fan in my classroom go *pop* and everything grows dim. Great! Power outage!

Well, according to law in portareeco there are 1,001 ways to get a break from working if you work for the state, and one is not having power in the building. The kids were all for leaving right then, but I explained that since the eighth grade team already did horario, they'd leave at 11:00AM as scheduled. Feeling faint from hunger and hollering at 8th graders, Miss Wolfe and I finished our classes lickety split and were "off like a prom dress" (her words, not mine).

We came screeching on two wheels of her rented Echo into the parking lot at 12:03, only to have the Head Librarian tell us, "You guys can go! They said so a while ago! No power, no school!"

YES! We headed on outta there. Miss Wolfe dropped me in Hato Rey, where I caught the bus back to Sta. Rita to plan my procrastination before being sucked into the vortex that is the main post office on tax day.

Now that it's 2:30, though, I really can't wait much longer. I'd better get this done. Then, just as a reward, I'll go see a movie.

And I'm out like Shout.

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