Thursday, April 14, 2005

I swear just one more post today. Maybe.

YO, I gotta tell this to someone and the blog community is def safest.

I am crushing mad hard on Alej. (Those of you who know me can just tune out, you know the score.)

I work (almost past tense, just 5 days left) with this man named Alej at PB. He's new, was one of those hired to replace Kabo and David. He's way, way shorter than I am, has like those yellow-y hazel eyes and black hair and like a permanent fiveo'clock shadow. And a body under all those vato clothes. HOTTIE!!! When I first saw him, I was like, DAMN tis a shame y'so durn short boy! He's about 5'8, which puts him out of my height range.

THEN he turns out to be a sweetie, too. We've chatted a coupla times seeing as how PB is mad slow of late. Turns out he's almost got his degree, wants to go back to Spain (south, not my adopted city of Salamanca), is mad laid back but still personable. And doesn't get alarmed nor uncomfortable when I get...ahem... vocally annoyed.

Found out too the other night that this dude is like 28! Definitely in the age range for me.

So gotta figure out how to get this one going (if it'll go. He is still mad short; I don't care, but he might.). He gave me his number the other night when he was sent home early. (TOLD yall PB was slow.) I called him later rather than bum a ride off of Tania, whose narrow young behind is being quite bitchy lately, and he gave me a ride home just cuz he didn't want me to pay a cab. (TOLD yall he's a sweetie). Instead of taking the quicky route, he did this sunday drive thing all through Carolina to Iturregui and through most of Rio Piedras back to my house in Sta. Rita. (Those who don't know portareeco, he turned a 7 minute drive into 30.) It was really relaxing, and I remarked on it, and he was like, yeah, he likes to drive and he knew I needed to chill out.

this guy is gonna be one of my peoples regardless. Are you kidding?

So yeah I just thought bout all that and gave a girly lil squeal and had to tell somebody.

plus he lives 'round the corner from me? SHOOOT, Alej, you need to be my main squeeze!

Ok I'm done crushing. I'll holla later. Peace...

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