Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tis Official...

... i was accepted to the Mailman School at Columbia!


I'm excited! Euphoric. Columbia has been my dream school for a while now, and I wasn't sure they'd look at my application again after I didn't go two years ago... first step in the master plan is complete. Now I just have to get this degree, complete my MSN/CNM, and get some bizness-administration experience so I can start up my clinic. THAT is really the point in all this, and the reason why I'm looking at being in school what feels like fuh-EVAH...

Can't WAIT to live in NYC even though ima miss portareeco like none other. Oooh the bittersweetness of it all.

Still I can't front like all is decided. I haven't decided whether to defer a year ( financial aid in these times being what it is) or just take the plunge. My fam is decidedly NOT as enthusiastic as I am, but then, everybody was wanting me to come back south of the Mason-Dixon. All in good time. I still don't know what Emory has decided.

Which makes it even harder to finesse the ending of this year as I know I'm supposed to. I have to face the music here. La directora no esta feliz conmigo, por todas las depresiones que he pasado en los ultimos dos meses. It all boils down to the fact that i LOATHE the whole class-prep/planification processes here, and she's pushing them big time. And the woman is quite formidable. I have to say I'm a lil intimidated by the thought of going up to her and prostrating myself in order for her to understand what's been going on.

Still, she is only a woman and God is God. That doesn't really matter much anymore.

Wow, I'm up to five friends on friendster y to'o (love to David y Kabo for the expression)...

I've decided Porfirio has to go. I didn't go out with him due to the fact that work obligations are punishing enough right now... but I've been avoiding it anyways cuz somewhere deep in my head i know he ain't right. And unlike Toto, I cannot change into one of those user chickees who let dudes wine and dine when I KNOW he ain't goin' no further. Y no hay mas oportunidades. La gente se portan como que una oportunidad es algo que yo les debo. Al contrario, acceso a mi persona esta RESTRINGIDA! And I like it like that! Y que!


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