Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday again

Did some nice Saturday stuff, which is making me bummed that I have to go to work.
Although work makes it all possible. Ah, me, can I just get a job that I actually love AND that pays? It seems that's the problem of the century.

Anyhow, when I leave portareeco, ima be in a serious depression over the loss of Suhey, who is my equivalent of a hairdresser here. Since my hair is now locked (and shoulder length for those who wanted to know), I do it all pretty much myself. But that meant that I lost the whole saturdy-go-get-y'hair-did routine, and the women who are there with me and all the opinions and laughter to go with it. So now my regular appt is with Suhey in Hato Rey, who keeps my nails on point and has me cracking up at the same time.

Which brings me to the other Saturday thing I did; went to go see Beauty Shop at Plaza. I loved it! It reminded me of what I'm missing when I don't have a black community around me. It brought back some of my fave music memories (who else knows that the song that fine man was playing is called "Knocks Me Off My Feet" by the famous Stevie Wonder?) and gave me the opportunity to say, more than once, "DAAAAAMN, Baby is FINE!"

I'm a major fan of Djimon Honsou (I hope I spelled it correctly), and he was all OVER that screen! You GO boy! Only thing, he's looking much thinner since In America... still beautiful though. Anyone know if he's married?? He's got to be a fascinating conversationalist, imagine. Now THAT is a fantasy- having a lunch with Djimon Honsou... boy...

Anyway. Gotta go or I really WILL be late even after leaving an HOUR ahead of time. The things I do for cash.


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