Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Twenny-Two is now Twenny-Four!

Awwww yeah, baby. the birthday. Alhamdulillah! Sometimes I spent entire days (admittedly, bad ones) thinking of what I'm going to do with THIS day, July 13th.

Today is the only day I can justifiably act like a princess.

I can't do it on my Islamic birthday. It happens to be the 9th of Ramadan. I'm too weak for all that. I do a lot of praying on my hijra birthday.

So far I've gotten a pedicure, eaten cake and Mandy's food, and gone to the beach.

Oh, and I pierced my navel. (!) Now I can take it off my list at www.43things dot com (PLUG. Check it out.)

Thanks to all for the wellwishes! I'm off to be the princess for...six more hours!

love and peace
twennyfour (who can' t believe two years have passed since starting this joint)


  1. happy birthday! happy birthday! happy birthday!

    also did you see the barrettes I made?

    would you like that or would you like a keychain?

    did you ever hear from the seed school?

  2. Thanks!

    Never did hear back from SEED, and I've sent the resume twice. They are being some losers.

    I've heard from a coupla places in NYC tho.

    I think the keychain'll do better. My hair won't fit in a barette. Never has.

    love Me

  3. happy birthday precious lass! my birthday was on july 13. i turned 25!!!! so happy birthday tome too!