Thursday, July 21, 2005

KuhNec shuns

I need a job soo bad. Anyone who reads this and wants my resume... I'm multilingual, I love kids, all ages but esp. before 7 and after 11, and have 39 credits toward a masters in education (dang, I didn't realize I had that many...), I've worked in the service industry and in hardcore business, and I can and will move anywhere. And I'm Muslim.
That's important. I was over at UmmZaid's blog this morning reading replies to the whole Islamic Education deal, and realized that part of what's bugging me is that I feel so isolated islamically it's not a joke. I need to be able to nurture my true (muslima) self, and it's not happening here. It can't happen for real for real until I get my act together. I digress as usual.

Yesterday evening at the restaurant was mad wearing. I was already tired when I got there since I've been fighting this sinus-y cold-y thing for bout three or four days. I made good tips, but... it was WEDNESDAY!!! Wednesday evenings are the slowest evenings you can imagine in a restaurant. What gives, yo?!

IIII know what gives... it is time to say HAMDULILAH!

See, the other day I walked into the restaurant and burst into tears b/c I was stressed- I'd just spent the entire morning looking for houses with another girl, but to no effect- she likes an apt. that is more expensive and isn't furnished, and I like a less-expensive one that is furnished and TWO BLOCKS from a school at which I could work. I make allowances for the fact that she has no idear 'bout how life will be when teaching for No money and living somewhere comfy but far from work. Been there done that.

So anyway, did about 5 miles of walking in the heat (wearing a scarf, masha'Allah), wasn't satisfied with the search, and then immediately had to pay $20 for a cab in order to get to the restaurant on time. So when I walked in I wasn't the happiest camper, lemme tell you.

Therefore, tears.

But then I went to wash my face, and before I walked back into work I just made the smallest prayer... it went something like, show me the straight path, help me support myself until everything is clearer.

From that moment on, I've been making double the tips that I would've normally made. If I weren't a believer, I'd say its nuts. But I believe. So I say ALHAMDULILLAH!

Nothing is free, tho- I'm mad mad tired as a result of all the work that led to the tips. Strength. NEed strength. Need a great job to get out of stress-causing debt and be able to marry without worrying about the DEBT load I'd bring into a marriage.

So. I'm calling to all my internet connections. I've been sending out resumes, at least two per day, and working at night. If you wanna see the resume, fine, I can do that. If you have a connection that actually lets me work in a HALAL way, even better!!! Please please please help me get a job!


Haven't had a convo with Nishat in a while. I don't want to say I miss talking to him but I do. Why don't I want to say it? B/c I'm a silly american chickadee who was raised in the whole 'don't let him know you like him, don't hang on him, you don't need/have to have no man' deal.
Plus he's working hard as me, but during the day- and I work at night, so there's absolutely no opportunity to talk. I'm asleep when he's working. He's asleep when I'm working. I respect that he can't be talking to me everyday. That don't mean I don't want to talk to him tho.
It's not that I need him, I can't hang on him cuz I don't know him like that, I don't have to have him, but I liked talking to him. Ok? Ok. can I deal with that. Yes. Ok then.

Right, that was kinda pointless, but if you get it, you got it.

ALEKSA! GET. A. BLOG! I've been meaning to say that for a minute.

aiight I'ma go eat and then leave this neighborhood AN HOUR before I have to enter work so I can get there EARLY for a change. Geesh. I cannot STAND being late and I've done it so much I can't stand myself either. Something has to give. We're back to the jobs thing. All connections... lemme know!

peacepeace peacepeace

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