Friday, July 22, 2005

No gas, no gas, la la la la laaa la

Hey y'all.

Guess what?

The trucksters union has called a strike!

And guess what?

There ain't no gas! That's right! No gas! 700 of about 1400 gas stations CLOSED as of this morning!

Guess what that means!

Means that everybody and their mama's on DA BUS!

So guess what?

TwennyTwo has to haul her booty over to the bus station TWO HOURS before she's due to work! To catch an overcrowded bus!

Yesterday she had to regulate on some youngster who thought he would grope the hindparts with crowding as an excuse! Said youngster barely escaped pulling back a nub instead of a hand...

Ain't happy, people. Ain't happy. Pray fo' me.

(Those of you who have heard me sing 'pray for me', recall the soulfulness of the tune now.)

Need some commentary 'round here, so I hope y'all are doing ok.

peace and love

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