Saturday, July 09, 2005

Interview went great!

I think I mentioned whilst blogging yesterday (isn't that sooo cool? putting a really really old and a really really new word together? I'm such a word nerd. I digress) that I had an interview at UBS yesterday, set up by Mariannette over at SAPIENTIS. It was actually one of the last things she did before she left the org at the end of June.

Well, I enjoyed the interview, a LOT! I met with two VP's, and we had great conversation. Turns out that since they'd invested in Sapientis, they wanted to meet with members of the first group of graduates. I gave them a copy of my new, improved resume (thanks to my sissur, Toto, who whupped it and me into shape hours before the interview) and we talked a bit about what my major was, etc. Then we got into my Sapientis I was pleased when the male of the two said, "I don't think anyone has stated the point of Sapientis as clearly as you do. I think you really get it and can say it best." Awesome compliment. I almost blushed, imaginate.

Thing was, though, that the whole 'interview' started off with the comment that there probably weren't any places for me in the company. Boo boo boo. Back to the chopping block. I've got to get a (real) (paying) job soon. And b/c of my quite unique experience, I'm now working at a job (waitress) where I'm waaay over qualified, and can't get a job anywhere else b/c either my experience isn't quite right or, again, I'm overqualified. AudhuBillah.

think of me people.

love love love love peace peace peace

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