Friday, July 22, 2005

No. I'm really tall. Taller than that.

Another thing, while I'm at it.

I'm severely annoyed with islamic clothing and the fashion industry in general.

I'm really really really tall.


I'm taller than you're thinking.

So PLEASE don't patronize me. Don't suggest that Old Navy has tall size pants. Don't tell me that of course your skirts will hit my ankles. Because I'm nice enough to believe you and then I get mad.


Y'all don't know the stress of trying to dress my long bones modestly and nicely here in PR. The last time I bought dress pants was in DC in 2003. They are still my nice dress pants even though I've worn them at least twice a week for two years. I'm really tall. Really tall. Forty-eight inch inseam tall. And I would like to be able to BUY some nice clothes (I can't sew with no machine, no material, no space and no time...). Is that too much to ask?

Thanks for reading the rant

love me


  1. Oh hush your mouth now, you're not THAT tall! REALLY tall would be like 6'5... what are you 6 ft? i can feel your pain... i live in a Korean/ Colombian neighborhood so i feel like a T-Rex sometimes at 5'9, and finding clothes that fits me in the waist and length is pain in the butt, BUT then i remember that is not my problem and i wouldn't want to be short anyway. tall women get noticed first, and some of the most beautiful women in the world are really tall. heidi klum, tyra banks, naomi campbell, christy turlington are all 5'll... elle macpherson, kimora lee simmons, giselle, and claudia schiffer are all 6 ft. I know that none of them are Muslim and don't have to worry about being covered but you can special order from catalogs, or online- plus those really long skirts are in right now, they cover everything and have an elastic waist so it doesn't have to be a perfect fit. oh yeah, and short women are evil...ok?
    enjoy the weekend in spite of that whole bus situation...

  2. PR as in Puerto Rico ohhh Im soo jealous. I have a tio and tia who live there. I visited in 96 Oh man I miss that island. Sorry about the tall thing, Im a shortie but I still feel ya pain.

  3. Dude, Aleksa, I'm 6'2" and the last time I checked that was freshman year and I've GROWN since then... I was just whining during a weak point there... yeah, the long skirt trend would help, except they all stop at my calf.
    Not only am I supposed to be fully covered (for instance, a calf-length skirt in the winter with boots rocks, but not summertime), but I actually LIKE ankle length, swishy skirts. I'm a girly girl like that. And I own, like, 2, and they each are cheap even tho they cost like $70.