Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tom's Page

Awwww man, lookit! I found Tom's Page!

I knew Tom way back when I was a freshman at GW... lost track since the days when we used to hang out in his room with the poster of JLH and Losing Amy cuz it was the coolest (TV, COMP, ANNND a GUITAR! WHo else?). I miss him and am glad to send anyone in need of a contemporary music education over his way... git outta here, I still can't believe i found it.

I'm choosing Nishat for the time being. Wild story: my SISTER happened to be in NYC for a business trip that P&G paid for. (They're coming up in the world- when I took my NY trip it was to this boonie, green, farm town to some plant in the middle of a field, I kid you not. And this one gets to go to NYC? Get it!)

***WAIT. It's like God connected him to me for real. He just called me while I was writing this post. What are the odds???**

Anyway, so Toto was in NYC, and I realized this in time to ask her if she'd go and meet this guy, in a public place of course, and tell me if the voice on the other end of the phone belonged to a really great guy like I thought or if it was yet another creep in sheep's clothing.
She called me back gushing:" Ohhh Sister, he's sooo nice! I like him!"
"Yeah?", I shrieked, "What's he like?"
"He's really sweet, and he listens a lot. And he's taller than me, so he's about your height. And he was wearing these cute sunglasses. I was surprised. I still can't say his name though."

"And sister, what is this about he doesn't know how you look!!? You have to send him your picture. And he has to send you his. He's really cute! Really cute. Yeah, I like him a lot. He offered to carry my bags and everything."
THEN she comes out with some, "You can't tell him I said that, though! Tell him I hated his guts and thought he was completely inappropriate for you."

Huh? "I'm not going to do that! You just said you really liked him! Why lie? You're gonna scare him off!"
"I don't want to make it too easy," she replied, smirking, "I really could see him with you, so I don't want to make it too easy to be my brother-in-law. I'm only gonna have one, you know."

Yeah, I know. Being that I'm the one who gets to choose, here.

That's a synopsis, but pretty accurate. I'm so glad I thought of having her meet him, esp. since Abeer is getting REALLY busy these days, since they're about to move to Palestine. They'd have gone today, but the kids' passports didn't arrive on time (boo boo boo!). My sister is an excellent judge of men, which came in handy. I'm better at women, for whatever reason. Anyway. I shouldn't judge as much. Astaghfirullah.

Still, I left that whole convo definitely cheered... and on reflection, more faithful in God to pull things out for those who believe.

SO yeah... no more Usman. No more nobody. Ima get to know Nishat, insha'Allah. let's see where this goes...

peace peace peace peace submission for more peace


  1. good luck sister!
    incha Allah things will be good.

  2. yes good luck!

    anyway amazon suggested this book to me and now I am suggesting it to you:


    maybe you'll like it...