Saturday, July 16, 2005


Leptiric said...
That'smart- I agree. Love and passion are fleeting. So you should marry Nishat. Especially if your sister approved!
And happy belated birthday! damn, you're old! ;P
have a good weekend,

3:42 PM

Okay, I was surprised to read this... Aleksa, man, I'm Muslim but more modern than that... even though I'm not gonna have sex or 'date' the man, I still need to meet him beFore we marry. Tis not at that stage yet.

Now, yes, I like Nishat. Sounds very cool. We like kinda the same stuff, and he can make me shut up and listen to him. But. This is at the just-beyond-the-beginning-stage of courtship. Don't be scarin' me.

On other things goin' on... marriage and love seem to be catching in my sphere. My girl Kiki called day 'fo'yesterday to say that ERICA'S GETTING MARRIED!!! Yes, folks, Erica P. is engaged to Andrew. This is sooooo cool, because I remember the summer I turned 20, when we were all living in DC, and Erica was going ga-ga over some Navy guy she met with her dad... and I distinctly remember saying something like, "Aww, that's so cute, sounds like he's made for you", and I remember her saying, "It's not like I'm going to marry him!" How time flies. How people change. Erica is definitely was one of my best friends during college. She's VERY INDEPENDENT, athletic, responsible, organized (in ways that I may never be) and fun! In fact... she was the person I sat next to at our graduation. Wow. Feels like yesterday. We've kinda drifted after graduation, though, since we've both done our own thangs... which included me moving to portareeco and her getting a gov'ment job.

If there's anyone who I'd rather see marry Erica, though, it's Andrew- responsible, military, athletic, fun, cultured... all around awesome guy, who put up with my antics when I was living with his girlfriend the summer before senior year. I knew they went well together the first time I saw him with her. He loves her and takes care of her in spite of and because of her independence. I can't say enough nice things about them.

That is just way too cool. That was the first smily-face of the weekend.

The next came today for two reasons: 1) Papa actually called me [as opposed to the other way 'round] and 2)He was calling b/c he ran into Mr. Price at their church!

Mr. Price was my 8th-grade homeroom teacher- I had him for Spanish and for Social Studies (I think it was Ohio studies that year. Whoop-ee.). I may have mentioned him in this blog somewhere, since he was the teacher who told me that I stole a newspaper from his desk when of course I did no such thing. Turns out the paper he took off my desk belonged to my father- since it was a newspaper tied to business, of course Mr. Price had no reason to suspect that I had access to it. He and my father are actually very alike, except that he's a white male (which is actually quite a difference here in the US of A but I digress). Anyway, I chatted with Mr. Price for quite some time.

He told me he's very proud of me, and that he wants me to keep in touch. Actually, I think his words were somewhere along the lines of, "Your becoming a teacher is the best compliment anyone could ever give me." He'd actually stopped by the church and my father happened to be there, picking up my mother, I think, and asked Papa 'bout me and Toto. I halfway can't believe that he remembered us down to our names... but then, I've been told we're hard to forget, in a good way. I have trouble believing that too, until people from the past come back to remind me.

Insha'Allah I'll keep living life in a way that makes me a credit to my teachers. And beautifully unforgettable. It was cool to talk to my 8th grade teacher- reminds me what I do and don't need to do in the classroom with my students, b/c they WILL remember!


I got the new Harry Potter! You should be proud of me- you're reading this post. That means I typed it, instead of burying my head in the book and not coming out until finished. It's not as thick as the last one was, thank goodness- I had to put it on hold while conducting a life on the side until I finished it. Astaghfirullah. I shouldn't get that deep into ANYTHING but praising God but the book is way. too. good!

peace peace love love for you what I like for myself

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  1. Oh holy mother of Christ, woman! (OK; probably not the best choice phrase to use while addressing a Muslim girl, but I cannot convey my excitment any other way without involving Jesus...) Let me elucidate my point, so you don't think I've completely lost all sanity.
    Yes, I am more conservative than people would think (well, at least compared to this room-mate I had in D.C who used to get it on with her boyfriend on their daily bus ride home ;) ) but I did not mean you should run and go marry Nishat next week! I meant I supported your marriage process, and you should really pursue getting to know him. I was just trying to say your friend Karine's list of successful relationship criteria is wise because those rules are the only way for marriages to last. People get married for all sorts of reasons - lust, passion, looks, money, pregnancy (my parents too :)) ... which is why so many people end up divorced. Even if you and Nishat are not hot and heaby for each other at first, if you truly share a mutual respect and affection for each other's ideas and outlooks on life- then I think you can definitely learn to love each other in time. I really respect you for your maturity and intelligence, because even though I know all this about relationships and have been burned several times- I am still naiive and idealistic enough to be holding out for the whole cinderella story- the fireworks, the mess, the chaos, the valentines, expecting to hear Pucinni in the back of my head while making out with someone, the prince on the white horse...all that crap, I still want it all. I am glad you are smarter than me, so I was encouraging you to continue getting to know Nishat, that is all. Attraction fades in time and then you are left with nada- you need a much stronger foundation to build a marriage on, and I think the procedure you described in one of your earlier blogs is smart.
    It should be noted that when you mentioned you were doing this via internet, I was TERRIFIED and would have much rather you had a wali in person to find you somebody. I am sure that the service you are using is reputable and respectable, but if I was your mother, sister, cousin, close friend- I'd be on your case all day long, making sure you're being careful about these men & making sure you get to know them and their people WELL before any talk of marriage should emerge. Just because we are not close does not mean I am still not concerned or want you to be careful, but I figured you already heard this lecture 109 times from your other friends and family- so I was just trying to be supportive. I was genuinely excited and relieved when your sister met NIshat and gave a good report- so in my excitment, perhaps I was over-zealous in my advice... when I said "you should marry nishat", i meant "this is SO exciting you should really get to know him!!!"
    Ok; that is all I have to say to you right now... keep us updated!
    xo, aleksa