Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shocks of the Week

1: Alito is actually getting in. (sarcasm here, people.)
I just want to say that once Alito was nominated, I never expected him to be stopped. We've got a wimpy bunch of Senators this session. Expect to ssee liberal and forward-moving thought, such as it was at the Supreme Court, fade away.

2:Girl, 7, Shot by Boy, 8m at Day Care in Montgomery. No sarcasm on this one. I saw this yesterday morning and my mouth dropped open- when they said day care I thought litle little kids (toddlers as opposed to elementary-aged kids). According to the news on right this minute, the boy threatened to rob the girl before he shot her through his bookbag. His father is now in jail. Oh, the school where I teach is in Montgomery County, by the way... this will get discussed with my (9-year-old) scholars as part of Ms. Two's anger management maintenance...

This boy, by the way, is to be charged under the juvenile system, and while I believe that action fully justified (the kid was a hellion before all this), I can't help but be saddened. How was there no effective intervention for him before now? And what kind of life will he have after being able to claim/say that his first experience with the justice system came when he was eight years old?

Oh, Father, Bless your people...

3. January is Back. After we were sooo spoiled by 65 degree weather, it's back to a nastily windy, stormy, snowy, and cold reality. Bleech.

Nada, si encuentro mas les aviso.


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