Sunday, January 08, 2006

AAAA le LUUU YAH Señor...

peace y'all

so I'm back in DC
getting back into the swing of things.

Instead of cursing which has been a problem
(I'm still fighting it) I find myself saying AAaaaLeluia

a lot.

When I was in Puerto Rico
that was the big trend
and at the time I found it really annoying
everytime i turned around a prepubescent little snot
going "aaaaleluia" everytime I assigned a 30 minute
homework assignment

but now I say it all the time
since I'm angry
and frustrated
and thirsty
and challenged all the time

in the true spirit of the word
drawwwwn oooouuut
loud enough for the angels to applaud


then I add..."Señor,"

as if to continue the aside to my very dear friend
who's always with me
and hears
and sees
and thank God knows

just why I had to say it then
and keep saying it forever

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