Thursday, January 26, 2006

I hear the 'd' word...

peace, y'all

BBC NEWS | Americas | US military 'at breaking point'...

Know what? I believe that the military just might be at a breaking point... or it may be soon.

I'm just terrified at the 'd' word. Especially if they decide to let the girls play on the field too. I never have been the strongest voice for absolute equality in any realm. Men and women are different physically if equal intellectually, on a GENERAL scale. I'm not TRYIN' to be in nobody's army, and I don't want any of my relatives there either.

How come this report hasn't come out in the US? Or did I just miss it?


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  1. Argh yes. Scary. I aint goin' beyond my green card for now ... I have quite enough civic responsibility as it is.