Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's next, separating the strong workers and the weak?


Check THIS out: Shaykhspeara: Nazi-stan


Someone tell me this isn't true. Say it ain't so.
On the one hand, I don't agree with the US-and-EuroWestern-Friends' constant nagging of Iran and Ahmadinejad on the whole nuclear thing. Why? Well, the US hasn't set the best example. So, we can hold a gun over everyone else, but woe betide he who grabs a gun in his own defense. IF it's a gun, and not some farming implement. Okay, enough analogy.

But I can't believe the world isn't screaming in outrage over the whole badges-according-to-religion deal. I mean, Nazi is exactly what comes to mind when I hear that. Way back in 8th grade, I participated in a project where I was similarly identified in class as part of my role in the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" and that stuff STICKS with me like glue.

Whenever we identify people in groups like that we begin to lose our humanity. Insha'Allah that law will go no further because someone will wake up. My God, how could that have passed?



  1. As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

    The story is believed to be exaggerated and seems to trace back to Amir Taheri, a man with a known anti-Iranian and anti-Muslim agenda.

    You might to see this post of mine, which has a few links regarding the yellow star story:

    Yellow Star lie debunked

    This post fillets an earlier Taheri article which was plastered over the right-wing press, making stupid accusations about women's hijabs:

    Taheri's Lying on Hijab

  2. Salams girl! Hope you're well.

    There was an article in swedish newspaper saying that teh story was exaggerated. However the sary part is not so mch the possible exaggeration of the story, but more that it is so easy to believe that Iran and Ahmedinejad would actually go that far. These days, nothing surprised anymore...sadly enough. Let's hope it was exaggerated...

  3. Salaam 'Alaikum

    I'm not dogging *anyone,* but I think it says something that so many Muslims were so quick to condemn him and believe this about him -- things written in the MSM and picked up by certain neo-spawn media outlets. He might be a whacko, but he's still our brother... 70 excuses, looking for some context or actual quotes...It's like how a few months ago, so many Muslim bloggers were dogging two sheikhs from Saudi for this alleged fatwa that they said women can't go online w/o a mahrem, making fun of them, etc., when it turns out that such a fatwa was never issued. Does it matter now? All those slanderous remarks, the mockery, etc. is all out there for ... however long the internet is out there, I guess.

    We should never, ever forget that the Western media will either make huge mistakes on translations or talking about various points about us, and when they're not making mistakes, they simply make this stuff up. -- UZ