Thursday, May 11, 2006

breathe in. breathe out. trust always.


I'm feeling sorta frantic right now.  Internally frantic.  Outwardly, I'm cool as a cuke.  For once.  Thank God.
See, I'm not sure if I'll have a job in 2 weeks, and that's weighing a little heavily on me right now, since I have my bills to pay like the next chica.
Someone - think it was Khandi- warned me about temp-to-perm jobs.   I wasn't about to freak out over someone else's warning, but I've been watching to see what's been going on. And actually, this place has had a high turnover.  Since I've been here, I know of ... four people who've left.  No, five.  One left in handcuffs  (yeah), two left of their own accord for better positions, and  the other two were fired for mysterious reasons.  
The human resources person doesn't walk around with a smile, generally, so that isn't inspiring confidence.  

Y'all know  I be praying salat in my cubicle as close to on-time as I can get and still work here.  And I definitely be saying Surah An Nas.


This morning, as I walked out the door, it started raining.  Pouring hard.  

And I said, "Oh, Allah, I'm trusting in You, for once.  I NEED to get to work on time.  So please don't let me stress over the bus.  Please let me make it."
Funny the little get-through-the-day duas we make.

Of course, I get to the stop in time.... see the back of the bus disappearing around the corner.
The next one doesn't come for an hour.  It's either walk and get soaked, or stay at the bus shelter and arrive to work half an hour late. Hmm.

So I'm walking, getting soaked, and this white car stops to let me cross the street.  And I look back at her.  I ask, through the window, if she's headed to the main road. She offers me a ride.  Her name is Vicky, and she's an older lady, blond, with bright blue eyes.  Ohio State fan, by the eyeglass case on the floor by the front passenger seat..  So I tell her I was raised in Cincinnati after I thank her profusely for picking up some tall black woman she doesn't even know.  "Not many people I know even look at strangers anymore, much less pick them up."

"Oh, that's all right," she says, "You gotta just trust.  Have faith ."

I asked her to just let me off on the main road, about a mile from where we are, and she says, "Well, where are you going?"

"Huntington Metro."
"Oh, well, I'm not going that way.  I'm really sorry.  I can take you as far as the parkway."
"That's okay.  I'll only be 10 minutes late if I catch the bus from there." By this point I'm resigned to whatever happens.  At least I'm not still getting soaked.
Then she brightened. " But I am headed toward Old Town.   Will King Street Metro work for you?"

SubhanAllah, I work across the street from King Street Metro.  I got to work early.
God Bless Vicky from Columbus, Ohio.


I'm starting to get the message here.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Trust always.  And keep truckin'.

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  1. that was sooo nice. your trust was solid alhamdulillah and God is great!