Thursday, May 18, 2006

late day in cubeville


Remember me saying I didn't know if I'd have a job in 2 weeks?

Let's see.

In the past two weeks, on my team at this place, four people have either been moved to a different team, had near-fatal car accidents, or have been given the pink slip.  That's just my team.

From those who work the same shift as I do (10A to 7P)  that aren't in the night shift team: All but me.  

I'm the only person left on this side of the building right now.   It's not the best feeling, but I'm trying to feel my best about it.

Some of us are walking around bummed.  The thing about people being fired around here is that you find out by whispers.  I don't think I've once seen a person given the chance to walk around and say goodbye or even shoot off an email to tell the people they work with they're outta there.  They just poof.   So.   Yes, I've got some good QA scores, but please believe I"m watching my back like a hawk, cuz I don't wanna go poof too.

On the homefront, I went home yesterday to find my bed soaked and a huge water stain crawling  across the ceiling toward the combination light/ceiling fan.   Luckily only a corner of the bed was soaked, but I'm pretty sure my aunt will be fighting mold in that mattress for years to come.  Also, some of my clothes on the bed were soaked with dishwasher water (that's where the water was coming from), so I had fun fun fun staying up until 1 am washing clothes so that I'd have an outfit for today.   Yeah.

What else?  Training is going well.  I'm currently running Mondays, Wednesdays, and insha'Allah Thursday nights.  We'll see.  I've been invited to an event by my buds tonight, so if I run, it'll be late.  And then it's into the office early tomorrow.  Gotta keep that job.

peace y'all


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