Monday, May 22, 2006



Friday was a rough, rough day for me.

I was worried all day at work b/c too many people had been fired. That's when I prayed the prayer below. I needed to just live for today.

So, yeah, I'm finally getting over my jealousy issues (not something I want to discuss in the blogosphere, just know that I was struggling with nafs last week) and I go home.
In the course of an hour (really!)

* I found out one of my best friends has got married
* Another close,unmarried friend calls to say she's scared she's pregnant
* Yet another friend explains that this is the day her cousin suicided and her roomies are giving her grief over her finances
* And at the end of all this, my aunt calls me up to tell me that my agency left a message that my company wants to end my contract with them.

Left. A. Flippin'. Message.

With. My. AUNT.


I reallyyyyy strugged to be good at that point. And I've succeeded with much effort and prayer.

Yeah, that was all Friday. Of all days. You know, someone once mentioned to me that she doesn't allow anyone to criticise those she knows have truly decided to walk the right Path and give their lives to God, because, in her words, "Once you decide to give it all up to Him, all hell breaks loose in your life! It's like Satan is mad to lose you and wants you back sooo bad."

I completely understood that on Friday. I spent an hour reading surah Inshirah over and over and over and over.

I'm okay. I'm still running against the advise of many, because it's theone thing I've got that doesn't cost anything, is helping me, and that has the potential to help others out there. It's steady, a constant reminder of life.



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