Saturday, February 03, 2007

UmmahFilms needs your love!

peace, y'all,

Oh, the busy day inshaAllah I have in front of me today. And yet here I am blogging.
Why? Well at 8AM on a Saturday, it's a good reason!

Ummah Films (home of Mahdi Ahmad, Baba 'Ali, and the Ankabut Baby) is working on its first short film. They've made the process pretty transparent by blogging it for the world to see, first so other new filmmakers can follow their footsteps and learn from their experience, but also in order to do some da'wah, get some positive messages out about Islam, and also, as their motto says, to remind us "Just in Case You Forgot." (ya'll say MashaAllah!)

In order to do this, they need funds, and they're raising them by selling their T-shirts, glow-in-the-dark MUSLIM wristbands, and the popular Mecca to Medina board game online. I cannot be happier with the service I've received from this company; the T-shirt I got was awesome. And hey- a halal way to raise money! And we get to see the results! Yay!

Last month they put out more t-shirts with the 'reminder' logo... and had the nerve to not put out long-sleeved XL shirts! Ack! But I (and some other sisters) let them know in a comment (without my usual acerbic working, fijate) that I really am muhejebah and appreciate the larger size for covering and... mashaAllah they now have both the black shirt with white lettering and the white shirt with black lettering in larger sizes with long sleeves!

Point: Please check out the link above, even if you don't buy anything at the moment, if you think the cause worthy, pass it along. As a young'n, I know the ever greater role media and video portrayal of muslims and Islam have in shaping how we're perceived and the thousands and millions who are making the choice to become muslim. I think this deserves our support!


Also, Ms. Koonj: inshaAllah your trip went well last night and you're gonna give some long lasting knowledge at this talk. Go you! I'm praying for you...


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