Friday, November 17, 2006

two-fiddy... wait,.... WHAT?!



Two flippin' forty seven pounds, y'all!!


Let me explain.

First of all, this isn't going to become a blog all about weight loss. No, it is all about me. Therefore there will be occasional focus on more dunyaishness like, um, getting my cute body back and the frustrations/motivations/machinations involved therein. Okay? Okay. Consider yourself warned.

I went to the girly doc the other day since I FINALLY HAVE INSURANCE (TAKBIR!!)and lo and behold, the FIRST thing the nurse did was ask me to get on the scale.

You know the heavier bars on the scale, underneath, that start the initial weight set in 50-lb increments? Go check out the scale at your gym. Yeah, those.
WELL, for the last, oh, 5 years or so, when I get on that scale, I have had to push the bar UP to 250, and start from there.

When I started going to the gym during Ramadhan, my weight was higher than 270.
Que. VerGUENza! (how embarrassing!)

So, back to girly doc's office. I was chit chatting nervously away, and so I stepped on the scale mid sentence, "Yeah, this isn't gonna be fun, and you'll need to push tha-- subHANallah!!"
She left the bar on 200 and pushed it all the way to the end AND THE SCALE FELL DOWN!
Yes, people, I WAS OFFICALLY UNDER 250 pounds! Two forty seven, even!

Two flippin forty seven! This is a miracle! This is awesome! In such a short time- a month... I nearly cried right there.

Now, I know that someone is out there going, Omylord she weighs how much? They are the ones that don't matter.

What matters is, it's goin' DOWN, baybay! It's goin DOOOOOWWWWWNNN!

I figured if I lose 2 lbs a week, which is reasonable and healthy, esp. allowing for thanksgiving meals and cookie-age in the next couple of weeks, then... by my next birthday (27 weeks- I know, that fast!) I'll be down to what the docs say is my "Ideal" weight. I remember a doc back in PR telling me I needed to lose 90 pounds, and I was QUITE indignant. Now it seems possible,... and right,... and I'm going to do it InshaAllah. InshaAllah.

My problem hasn't ever really been not being active, so much as it has been not eating properly. My insurance offers these extra-curricular programs that help you focus on what you want to do. I need to not be eating because food is there. In addition to the steps I took in my last post, I'm also keeping a regular journal. Not tracking every bit of food that enters my mouth, but about how I eat (time, feelings, etc) and why. I think that's going to be the key here. That and a lot of prayer, Ramadan style, concentrated. Once I started focusing on Something other than myself, the weight slipped off without my knowing it. SubhanAllah.

So, after the nurse made my week and the doc depressed me (not going there, thanks) I decided to keep going. I did 60 mins of cardio yesterday at the gym, plus a nautilus program set up for me for free (I know! Now all I have to do is follow directions. I'm a directions kinda girl) and will be doing 30 more per day. I'll ride the crest of that feeling- 247?!- as far as it takes me... and man, what if I lose more? The goal for next weighing is 243. InshaAllah.

Hang onto your khimars, ladies. Here we go...



  1. I'm so excited for you! Keeping a food journal is a very good thing. Also, and maybe this is just me, but I chew gum instead of snacking. And I only buy healthy snacks like golden raisins, fresh fruit, low fat granola bars (my fav), baked or light chips. If the bad stuff isn't around you can't eat it. Anyway, you sound like you're doing really, really well with this whole weight loss thing. I'm so proud :). Seeing results is the biggest motivation of all. Keep up the good work.

  2. yay!

    I'm with singlemuslimah. Since the pregnancy GD diet (for which, young lady, YOU had some of the best suggestions), I've learned to substitute other things for the fatty snacks. You know, like corn on the cob for ice cream, or a peanut/almond butter sandwich for pie, nuts instead of chocolate, cold water w/lemon instead of colas.

    Yesterday I tried a cola with lunch and I hated it. This is totally new. I would so love to hate the old stuff. Because I haven't had colas in a while? I do try not to pick this stuff up when I'm shopping. We almost never pick up chips/crisps, chocolate, etc and rarely get pie, etc. I keep ice cream around but I've discovered tofuttis - find them in the health food frozen section. They taste just like ice cream sandwiches.

    Anyway I'm celebrating with you. I remember when I was taking antidepressants in a small boring town and I put on weight like crazy. After I moved, I put in 1 hour of fun dance workouts everyday. Whatever works and whatever you can keep doing, sister.

    But you know, a strong sister is always a beautiful beautiful thing.

  3. Vas a disfrutarlo, se habla espanol y ingles. Muy divertido ... se puede bajar mucho peso con facilidad solo bailando, me ha ayudado muchisimo.

    te deseo suerte con esto & espero que estes bien.

  4. i just wanted to chime in with my cyber support! i know you can achieve your goal! i'll be making dua for you ukhtee!

  5. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Its hard to lose weight dear. We need all the support we can give each other. Congrats.