Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hace Falta / I miss


(explanation: Hace falta literally means "it makes a lack" in Spanish. Generally you use it like you'd use the word 'missing' in English.)

Hace falta el sol.
Autumn winds come every year and suck the sun away into chilliness. I miss the lightness of being warm.

Easier to fake happiness, when you're warm.
Easier to BE happy when I'm warm. I'm beginning to notice that winter snuffs my ember within.

Hace falta la humedad. It is ALWAYS drier here than on la isla. ALWAYS, even on the most humid of days. No presumen a decir que lleguen a tener humedad aqui. What you have here is an attempt at stickiness, at the feeling that God has kissed you and left a trace of his breath behind.

Searing, the thin cover left on my lips cracks as I sigh.

Hacen falta dias buenos.

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