Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Exist is to Resist

Raising Yousuf, Unplugged: To Exist is to Resist Thanks to Umm Yousuf, whose blog is on my sidebar, for the update. I'm relying her and others like her for alets. News around here doesn't always focus on what meets MY criteria or needs our attention. Y'know?

Is anybody out there? Are you still watching this?

American eyes have turned to the war in 'Iraq, and to be honest not as many as necessary were ever interested in the Palestinian cause.

Whether or not they were being "used" by others, two women lost their lives today. Are you still watching?

I am.

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got a "letter" back from Abeer, my dear friend, the one Muslim woman I met who lived in Guayama, and who moved back to Palestine shortly before I left Puerto Rico. Funny thing: the envelope included four pictures- one each of herself and her 3 children, whom I love as if they were my sibs. But I'd written Abeer a LONG long letter in Spanish, and included my email address. There was no written communication in my letter from her- I even checked the inside of the envelope. Nothing. I haven't even had an email (though I understand that Abeer might not have computer access). The letter was sent in July; I got it in October.
I watch every day praying that I don't hear more through the television screen, that they're okay, that the people come through okay.



  1. Asalamu alaykum,

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta ala protect the innocent.

    Respectfully, I am not watching.

    The plight of the Palestinians is important and it garners more attention than most conflicts but my focus is on the conflicts that we never hear about in the media.

  2. peace,

    I commend you, at least you're watching something. The biggest fight is against complacency and ignorance.