Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thank you, Michelle Singletary



I love reading 'The Color of Money'.

This week's Sunday article is about student loan debt.

It's nice to have an outside source back up my internal feelings.
I'd love to get the degree I want. Love it love it love it.
And in fact, a bachelor's degree in this country is pretty much necessary to live any sort of comfortable lifestyle.

HOWEVER: debt. is. BAD.

I've chosen at times to believe that it's okay to have student loans. But I can say 'no' to having any more. This means that I have to be one of the top in my field in order to pull a scholarship to become a nurse-midwife (and I'm STILL telling my fans that is my goal insha'Allah), but at this point... so glad I didn't go to Columbia. I might be 50 years old when I reach that goal, but I'll do it without debt. Insha'Allah. and Amin ya Latif.


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  1. Salam
    now you know the answer to the question people always ask me, "Why did you 'only' go to Ole Miss"..."because I walked out of there with nothing but my degree". Incha Allah you will get where you need to go!