Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dates, and recipes. DC locals, comment please!

***Dictator Princess*** gets on finishing those fasts...


*My grandmother is coming out of intensive care by Monday, insha'Allah. One of her daughters managed to be there for every day of her hospitalization masha'Allah, although not all of them at any time. She had to have a more intense surgery to correct some problems but she's done and recovering, all praise to the Most High.*

Okay, so now I'm flippin' out about not having dates.
yes, Ramadhan will start by the end of this week, insha'Allah. This area happens to be FULL OF MUSLIMS so I'm not crazy- I just don't do California Dates. (Appropriately, I said this in front of mad people on a Saturday at a PX. Must be losing my mind. However, in spite of the glares I did not relent. I like the sticky medjool dates, pref. with pits so I can make my mouth work around them. Yes. Yes. Date-y goodness.)

So if you know where to get good dates the week before Ramadhan in the DC Metro (as in, I can ask my roomies to drive about 30 miles before rebellion- no, my loan papers haven't come in yet), SPILL THE BEANS!

This year I'm all about recipes that I can cook ahead. Like DP as well, for a lot of this month I'll still have some time to go when I get off work, but I know myself. While I like my roomies, unfortunately they will not be out of my way when I need to get home and get in the kitchen and cook some food. Thus the need for crockpot and other food goodness that can be made ahead and frozen, or even just partially prepared.

Bring on the recipes!

I'm also excited the fact that I may actually be able to make it out to ADAMS for the night prayers, AND Insha'Allah I'll be able to keep going after the fast ends. So none of your sniping about being a Ramadhan Muslim, Baba 'Ali. Just worked out that way. Masha'Allah. There's supposedly an Islamic Center close to me, in Alexandria. I just keep hearing about ADAMS so I'm mad curious. Lots of folk my age go there. And you know the motive for being around folk my age.

The other thing I'm excited for is that I got a membership to a gym. Rather excited about this. But since suhoor is so early, I don't know if it's prudent to go early in the morning, or instead to break fast, eat light, go to gym, and then come back home and eat 'real food'. Experienced readers are invited to post. And none of this 'skip the gym', I'll be paying for it either way and this is a good month to be starting excellent habits. I wouldn't be going long, just half an hour, but insha'Allah I'd like to go nearly every day.

One last thing: who's taking the 3-day 'Eid? I've never done this before BUT I'm working at a great place now, and since I'll be working during the week of Christmas and 'Eidul Adha may insha'Allah fall on New year's Eve, I can swing the longer holiday. Anyone know the Islamic (ahem, religious not cultural) precedent for that? Please advise.


  1. Asalamu alaykum,

    I like the big California medjool dates. I would check Halalco in Virginia or one of the arab embassies in DC especially the Saudi one. I know of some places here in Maryland but I think most of them sell either the Cali dates or the sticky pitted ones.

    I have some free time tomorrow and need to buy a box so I can check around the Muslim shops for the ones you like as well in sha Allah.

  2. Salamaat,
    ADAMS rocks. It's my fav. community of all times; too bad i am not close enough to go every day.

    try both the first and second taraweeh. I prefer the second cuz its less crowded and less kids and chaos.

    I don't know about dates; we had a lucky "donation" from someone with saudi connections. halalco may have some; or those little shops off seminary road; closer to you i think.

    Have a blessed Ramadhan sis.

  3. peace,

    Apple, it'd be really great if you could let me know where you get yours, insha'Allah. I'm the only one in the house fasting, so I don't need a lot.

    YES, I know, everyone keeps telling me and I've NEVER BEEN!
    Soon, insha'Allah. Ima try the 2nd taraweeh even if I have to get a flexcar. And I might. boo.


  4. I checked around and asked some sisters and they said Costco has the dates you like with pits.

  5. I'm from the DC Area, Fairfax to be specific. Try Halalco. That's where my mom gets hers. It's in Falls Church and there are a ton of other little shops in that area that should have them.
    Ramadan Mubarak!

  6. I almost forgot, when I lived in VA we went to ADAMS. It's very nice but they're not too conservative. This is a problem for some people so just a little heads up.

  7. 1) make-ahead comfort food: get one of those little boxes of boursin garlic and fines herbs cheese (it's like half the price at trader joe's). bake two potatoes, slice off the tops, scoop out the innards, mash em up with half the cheese (and anything else you like - midamar beef bacon crumbled is yummy), put em back into the potato shells, refrigerate if you're really far ahead, and voila! ready to pop into the oven 20 min before iftar for potato heaven.

    2) the medjool dates are definitely the best... well, if you like plump, soft, almost juicy. i don't have any either... but on sat nite a friend of mine hosted an iftar with these dates, each split partially open, with two almonds inside and sprinkled with powdered sugar. is this too much indulgence for ramadan? perhaps...