Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Broked It :(


So. I'm all ecstatic that Ramadan begins.

And I get up for suhoor really early, then I GO TO THE GYM after Fajr and before the 'lack of food' kicks in. Just as I would if it were a normal saturday, except earlier.

That accomplished, I completed my day, break fast (with soy milk and a fig instead of the dates I never did get), made daal and greens, etc, feeling great. Remembered to drink water.

SO. Then I decide that I want to listen to the 1st section of Qur'an. I happily pop my limited edition-King Faad-Arabic-English-Malay-Indonesian-got-it-from-a-friend-Qur'an CD into my roomie's computer.

Now, I've had this CD for months, and though I've been meaning to replace it, I haven't since every CD of the Qur'an that I've ever seen runs like $100. I can't see spending that when I have Qur'an I can read on paper for free; it's just that on nights (ok, every night so far but I digress) that I can't go to the night prayers or otherwise HEAR recitation, I can pop this CD into the computer, hear the arabic, read along in arabic and english on the screen, and be happy listening to Qur'an.

But tonight, the correct screen with the 'cover' of the qur'an came on screen. I heard, "Bismillah irRahman irRaheeeeeeeem" as usual.

Then *POP*.

I nearly jumped out of my skin; the night's been mad windy so at first I thought a fuse or an electrical line blew.

But NOW. The screen gave an error. I pushed the button to release the CD, my heart sinking because... the port opened to reveal a Qur'an CD in pieces.

"I broked it!" I wailed.

Now, I did remove all the pieces I could, but just piecing them together on a paper, I didn't get the whole CD. The machine is apparently digesting the rest. So now I'm upset on two fronts: I've potentially wrecked my roomie's very nice computer, and I have no Qur'an recitation.

I'll have to tell her in the morning, since she's gone out for the night. I guess I'll go read from the Qur'an Translation (as so many have so nicely pointed to me.

*sigh*. Subhan'Allah.



  1. Just wanted to wish you a blessed Ramadan :-)

  2. Sweet Ramadhan Blessings to you, Sis!

  3. my goodneess. i've never heard of that happening to a cd before! must be a Reason behind it. :) ramadan karim!

  4. Salaam 'alaykum dear,

    A blessed Ramadan to you!

    And perhaps the computer was just getting into the spirit of iftar? ;)