Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh Yeah

peace, y'all

It starts with a stuffed nose and ear, then proceeds with fever, chills and a sore body. Oh yeah. Either a real nasty cold or the flu. And, because my body is just like that, I never get anything that stays in my upper respiratory tract. So it has spread to my throat and is trying to do a cough thing. I KNEW I couldn't manage to work a whole semester with kids and not get sick! AUGGGH ! I have one who is ALWAYS sneezing and coughing and then acts hurt when I send him to wash his slimy little hands. I could just cough. I am NOT a good sick person.

Yeah, so I spent the fake real snow day sick in bed.

I've been meaning to post about the book I'm currently reading b/c I like it and would like my friends inside the computer to read it. It's called "The Success Principles" and John Canfield wrote it. He's one of the creators of the chicken soup books, which is why I almost didn't pick it up- they're too sappy for me. But this book is akin to the Seven Habits books, with the (great wonderful) difference that they make the principles actionable and connected to reality a bit better. Still really happy at points, but more optimism and less sap.

The book is part of the reason I've been pushing myself through this illness; that and personal, hard experience. I lost one heck of an opportunity one time when I had bronchitis and stayed in bed instead of doing something potentially huge and then going back to bed. I have learned my lesson. If I do all I can even when I'm sick then there are no excuses. I don't like to have regrets, and taking action is a good way to get rid of those suckers.

Friday, incidentally, was also the day my mother had her operation, and she's doing well, masha'Allah. Thanks to everyone who was praying for her and wishing her well. She's still in the hospital, but up to complaining about the operation:

Mama: Hey, Twenny, you remember when they operated on your eye, right?
Twenny: Yes, Mama.
Mama: I didn't even remember it! The lady said, "Breathe" and then they were telling me it was over!
Twenny: Yes, that's generally the way it happens. After umpteen operations, I should know.
Mama: Well, I wish they had told me! I wasn't ready!

So, yes, masha'Allah, she's feeling much better already and I'm soooo GRATEFUL!

hug somebody you love.


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